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The Lesson of the Dove and the Serpent

The world is changing before our eyes. It is hard not to be bogged down with the constant drowning negative flow of news, to the devastation of global atrocities, to the natural disasters claimed to be caused by an environment that we are destroying, to the rising of nationalism in politics, to the seemingly unattainable… Continue reading The Lesson of the Dove and the Serpent

Life Lessons

What Is Your Escape Mechanism?

Open your eyes. I have had my eyes tightly shut for too long. Swimming was my passion, but also a great distraction to hide myself from myself. It was my form of escapism. But what happens when what you escape to forms your new reality, when it becomes your one and only world? You become lost. Through the years I… Continue reading What Is Your Escape Mechanism?

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How To Quickly Evaluate Emerging News?

I’ve started reading a fascinating new book – The News by Alain De Botton – that I picked up recently. The book explores the question of ‘Why we keep checking the News?’  After the New Year, I made a conscious effort to keep up with the news each week – a news year resolution if you will.… Continue reading How To Quickly Evaluate Emerging News?

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What Happened To Creativity In Hollywood?

There has recently been a huge influx of mind-numbing movies circulating on our cinema screens. From the endless, exhaustive stream of superhero movies to the ‘trying too hard to be funny’ comedy films to the Hollywood ‘too good to be true’ glorified endings. Artistic approaches to story telling have been thrown out of the window,… Continue reading What Happened To Creativity In Hollywood?